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Sites Status

We strive for a 99.5% uptime for our hosted sites. Above you can see the uptime percentages and average response times for our sites in the current month, week and last day. Approximately 0.5% downtime is expected for site backup and periodic maintenance that is scheduled in the early morning hours each day.

MonitorStatusTypeLast 24H7 days30 daysLast year
A Hero 4 AllOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.993%99.938%
Clear Stream AcupunctureOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.947%
Friends of PurdonOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.967%99.935%
Got Java XO?OnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.998%99.941%
Nechita Original Artwork For SaleOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.947%
River Spirit BrewingOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.991%99.943%
The Writings of K.W. BowlinOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%100%99.95%
The Affiliates GroupOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.949%99.919%
CW Team MarketingOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.993%99.942%
Grid-Assisted SolarOnlineHTTP(s)100%100%99.951%99.955%
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